Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When to Spike a Volleyball?

Spiking a volleyball is all about power and timing. It is difficult to have an effective spike when you are lacking one of those two main elements. Timing is perhaps even more important because you can directly cost your team points by hitting the ball into the net or out of bounds.
Step 1
Time your jump so that you reach the volleyball at its peak. This will give you the best chance to spike the ball for a kill. Volleyball players typically use a two, three or four-step approach when spiking, so practice with each to see which is comfortable and helps you reach the ball at the highest point.
Step 2
Jump from behind the ball, using a broad jump rather than a straight vertical leap. A broad jump will use your momentum to take you toward the net, which will help you reach the ball at a point where you can spike the ball downward.
Step 3
Practice with your setter. You may not have the setter every time, but if you can develop consistency with your setter, you will be able to focus on your mechanics with the understanding that the ball is going to be where you like it. If you are timing your jump for a set that is high and outside and the set is not there, your spike will not be as successful as you hope.

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