Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Rotate Left Arm Properly in Golf Swing?

Golf is a difficult sport, with proper fundamentals necessary for any golfer to perform at her best. The left arm position is one of the most essential pieces of the golf swing. Starting at address by making a straight line down to the golf ball, the left arm straightens and moves back, before being covered by the right arm on rotation through impact.
Step 1
Align yourself properly at address. The left shoulder is the center of the golf swing, and the left arm forms a straight line down to the golf ball, including the club shaft and club face.
Step 2
Take the club away by rotating your shoulders. Your left arm (and right arm) should follow that rotation and immediately straighten before you hinge your wrists up to the sky.
Step 3
Rotate your body and take the club all the way to the top of the swing. The left arm should remain straight all the way throughout the back swing.
Step 4
Slide your left shoulder directly under your chin. At this point, your left arm should be pointed directly at your target with your hands held high.
Step 5
Unwind your arms and return the club face to the impact position. The left arm rotates about 90 degrees but remains straight as you power the club face through the ball.
Step 6
Turn your arms over after impact with the right forearm covering the left. This ensures that you impart natural, or draw, spin on the golf ball and protects against the dreaded slice.
Step 7
Follow through to a full finish, extending your left arm down the target line.

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