Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Judges Look for in Cheerleaders?

If you think that the perfect toe-touch and a clear voice alone will land you a spot on the cheerleading squad, think again. The judges at cheerleading tryouts look for everything from personal appearance and attitude to coachability and leadership skills. You need to be a well-rounded cheerleader, capable of being a team player and a source of positive energy, to make the cut. Before you head to tryouts, learn as much as possible about what the judges will look for.
Physical Appearance
Don't become so consumed with your routine that you forget to plan what to wear. Go with form-fitting, comfortable clothing in the school colors that shows off your muscles and does not restrict movement. The judges will be looking for cheerleaders that look put-together and prepared. They'll also look for fit cheerleaders. Every squad needs bases, flyers and tumblers. Whichever you are, look like it. Start a strength-training regimen and maintain a nutritious diet to stay toned and firm.
Cheer judges look for cheerleaders with a genuinely positive attitude and plenty of authentic enthusiasm. A fake smile is transparent. Look as if you're having fun to give your score a boost. Be friendly and engaging with the other hopefuls. Do not make catty remarks about another cheerleader's performance or show anger or frustration when you or someone else makes a mistake. Stay enthusiastic about everything you are asked to do and give it your best. Give the judges a smile and a firm handshake when you finish.
You might be the loudest girl on the squad, but if you can't tumble or dance your chances of making the squad are slim. Cheer judges look for cheerleaders that have it all: dancing, tumbling and cheering skills. You don't have to be the best at any one, but you do have to be able to showcase your skills in each to be a serious contender. Don't worry if your herkie isn't perfect. Keep working at it while you continue perfecting cheers, movements and your back handspring.
Arrogance has no place on a cheerleading squad. No cheer judge will award points to a cheerleader who thinks she knows better than the coach. Use tryouts to demonstrate that you can listen and follow directions even when you don't agree or understand why. Judges look for squad members who will be open to trying new things or old things in different ways and don't insist on their own way. Leave what your old coach and teammates said at the door and focus on learning from the new ones.

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