Saturday, January 21, 2012

What to Know About Cheerleading Rain Gear?

Cheerleading is a predominantly female activity incorporating aerobic moves that display physical strength and flexibility. These moves are often put together in routines used to lead sports fans in cheers for their team. Some of these activities, such as football, occur outdoors and place the cheerleading squad on the sidelines facing the supporting crowd's grandstand. These cheerleaders must perform through adverse weather, including cold temperatures, wind and rain. If rain does occur, many squads use rain gear to continue competing.
Rain jackets are key to keeping cheerleaders dry. They can come in several forms depending on the budget of the given squad. Some cheerleading squads provide clear rain jackets that keep the cheerleading uniforms visible while also keeping them dry. These are usually more expensive than opaque rain jackets. But opaque jackets can still be used and can be customized to place logos or other identifying designs on their exterior. Cheerleaders working on a low budget might prefer to use ponchos made from the thin materials used to form garbage bags. These aren't as comfortable and can trap sweat and moisture under the poncho, but it will keep the rain off your body.
Keeping your head dry is key while cheerleading. Without some sort of coverage, your hair will get wet, and the water can seep down underneath your jacket. A simple solution is to wear a raincoat with an attached rain hood. But if your coat does not come with that, you might want to purchase fleece headbands or other headgear that will keep you from getting soaked.
Pants aren't always necessary or desired, but they can help keep your legs and feet dry when cheerleading. Pants are common when temperatures drop in the fall or spring, whether it is raining or not. Athletic pants offering some insulation and featuring a water-resistant or waterproof exterior can provide the greatest protection while being versatile for a variety of weather conditions, including rain.
Some cheerleading squads have policies that restrict cheerleaders from participating during rainstorms. Other squads might give the squad coach the ability to choose whether the elements are too harsh for cheerleading. Many squads don't compete outside when there is the risk of lightning striking. Check with your squad's coach to find out the rules and policies regarding rain and other adverse weather. Also check to see if the squad provides rain gear to every member of the squad, or if you are expected to provide your own.

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