Friday, January 20, 2012

Cupped Left Wrist in Golf Due to Poor Golf Positioning

The golf swing is based on timing and fundamentals, with poor positioning leading to compensations and swing inconsistencies. For a right-handed player, the left hand and left wrist should remain flat throughout the golf swing, with the wrists hinging up and down during the swing and never from side to side. Curing a cupped left wrist takes time, as golfers become accustomed to flips, scoops and other mis-hit golf shots. But practice and hard work will rid a golfer of this fatal flaw.
Step 1
Place the golf glove on your left hand.
Step 2
Set up to the ball by forming a straight line from the top of the left shoulder down to the golf ball. This is fundamentally the proper position at impact.
Step 3
Stick a ruler in the back of the golf glove, so that it extends up your forearm.
Step 4
Press the left wrist flat against the ruler.
Step 5
Make several golf swings with the ruler training aid inserted and the left wrist pressed out. This should ingrain the feeling of the proper hitting motion.
Step 6
Hinge the wrists up and down during the backswing and release, but never from side to side. Hinging up and down allows the left wrist to remain flat.
Step 7
Remove the training aid and hit several golf balls, focusing on pressing the left wrist out instead of cupping, flipping and scooping.
Step 8
Place the training aid back on your hand if you revert to old habits.

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