Friday, January 20, 2012

What to Know About Golf Straps?

A golf strap is device that allows you to carry your golf bag rather than use a golf cart or rolling caddy. Some bags may come with straps already attached, if not, the bag should have rings for you to purchase and attach the strap yourself. You may also wish to replace a strap that is worn or does not have enough padding to your needs. You can find golf straps at pro shops or through online retailers.
Step 1
Remove the strap from its packaging and spread it out on a flat surface. The strap should have a thick, padded end with a clip that tapers down to a narrow, unpadded end that also has a clip.
Step 2
Clip the thick, padded end to the ring closest to the top of the golf bag. This part of the strap will support the weight of the bag across your shoulders.
Step 3
Clip the narrow, tapered end to the ring closest to the bottom of the bag. The second ring may be located on the front of the bag.
Step 4
Adjust the strap so that the bag hangs at the desired height. Sling the padded end of the strap over one shoulder with the bag opening in front of you.

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