Friday, January 20, 2012

What to Know About a Golf Push?

The push -- a common problem among golfers -- sends shots offline right of the intended target (for right-handers). It should not be confused with the slice, which takes the ball to the right on a curving arc from side spin. Frequent causes of a pushed shot include poor swing path, open club face at impact and an out-of-sync downswing. Practice a few correctional drills and you should be able to reduce the occurrence of the push in your game.
Correcting Club Face Angle
Step 1
Take up a position on the driving range as far to the right as possible. Align yourself to a target in the center of the range.
Step 2
Using your 7-iron, hit golf balls as far left of your target as possible without changing alignment.
Step 3
If you are unable to hit balls left of your target, begin using an earlier release of your hands in your downswing. Concentrate on bringing the toe of the club face around to the left prior to impact with the ball.
Step 4
Continue applying this over-correction technique until you are able to consistently send balls left of your intended target.
Step 5
Align yourself to a target and attempt to hit to that target. If the push is gone, repeat the process using the driver.
Correcting Swing Path
Step 1
Using your 7-iron, make several practice swings in which you pause at the top of the swing long enough to count to two. Concentrate on initiating the downswing with your hips, shifting weight to your lead foot.
Step 2
Begin hitting balls, keeping the pause at the top of the swing. Focus on a smooth, controlled swing and solid contact. Avoid trying to hit the ball hard or long.
Step 3
Repeat the drill until you can consistently keep from pushing shots off to the right. Once the push is gone with your 7-iron, practice the same drill using your driver.

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