Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Do Golf Downswing Properly?

It's not uncommon for golfers to set up with a proper stance, manage a solid backswing but then throw off tempo and club position by lunging at the ball with an undisciplined downswing. If you can follow certain basic principles in downswing technique, it will improve your chance to make solid contact and send your ball accurately toward the target.
Initiating the Downswing
Ben Hogan cautions golfers against initiating the downswing with the arms or shoulders. Moving the hips toward the target, according to Hogan, is the ideal way to begin your downswing to maintain the proper sequence of events. A downswing that begins with the arms likely will result in the ball going to the left, as the body's role in the swing is curtailed or removed altogether.
Holding the Wrist Angle
Amateur golfers frequently possess a flaw in their downswing that reduces power and consistency. Known as casting, this flaw occurs when golfers release the "L" angle created in the backswing between the club shaft and arms. Perfect Golf Swing Review says prematurely releasing this angle makes it virtually impossible to generate adequate clubhead speed as you make contact with the ball. If you can maintain your wrist angle late into the swing, you'll be able to use the release as a source of power for your shots.
The Right Elbow
Hogan also discusses the importance of keeping the right elbow -- for right-handed golfers -- close to the body throughout the downswing. Doing so will help keep the club on the proper plane. A right elbow that comes away from the body will likely lose its ability to lead the lower right arm and hand toward contact. A popular drill for learning to keep the right elbow close involves placing a towel or golf glove under the upper right arm. Practice swinging the club without allowing the towel or glove to fall to the ground.
Weight Transfer
Perfect Golf Swing Review also addresses the problem of getting stuck on your right side during the downswing. Getting stuck in this way prevents the proper transfer of weight onto the lead foot. Focus on rotating your entire body in a controlled manner through the swing to help make the weight transfer and avoid the arms being left behind.

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