Saturday, January 21, 2012

Essentils of Proper Cheerleading Side Base

Stunting is an exciting and difficult part of cheerleading that features two main stunting positions: top person and base, which can be a side base or back base. The side bases in a stunt are the ones mainly responsible for lifting and holding a stunt. Side bases also are integral in dismounting a stunt. While there are things outside of practice you can do to improve your side basing skills, never stunt without the supervision of a qualified cheer coach.
Step 1
Use your leg and butt muscles as the power source for your stunting. When side basing, keep your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees deeply to initiate the power from your thighs and glutes. Explode up, using your legs and butt to lift the stunt.
Step 2
Keep your core muscles tight when stunting. Pull your belly button in toward your spine to keep your back flat and form a strong foundation for the stunt. Do not arch your back when building or holding a stunt.
Step 3
Incorporate your shoulders and arms into the stunting sequence last. Very little of your stunting power emanates from your upper body. Use your arms to settle the stunt into place and keep it there.
Step 4
Dismount using your legs first. Dip deeply with your legs to give power to a pop-down or cradle dismount. Absorb the force of the dismount by bending your knees while keeping your arms firm to hold the top person secure.
Step 5
Keep your attention focused on the top person from the moment she loads into the stunting position until she is safely back on the ground. Look up at the top person, especially when she is extended above your head. If she falls, be ready to stop her descent in any way you can.

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