Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Build Cheerleading Attitude?

Cheerleading requires you to build enthusiasm and involve the spectators using precise body movement. Your attitude, devotion and energy all reflect your spirit. Showing outstanding spirit requires you to feel spirit and the fire that it builds inside you. Spirit comes from a commitment to your squad, your team and yourself. It comes from a feeling of pride and confidence in every aspect of your sport.
Start showing outstanding spirit by assessing your current spirit level. If you do not like the organization for which you cheer, you are not likely to feel any spirit. A lack of spirit within yourself prevents you from showing spirit. Start by making a list of at least 15 things you like about your organization. These can include anything from your coach to the size of the organization to your organization’s colors to the team for which you cheer. Remind yourself why you like your organization each time you cheer, whether it is at a sporting event, competition or practice.
Spirit shows through your attitude. Forcing smiles and acting as though you have pep is not enough to show outstanding spirit in cheerleading. Spirit reflects in your ability to enjoy what you do and in your ability to be a role model. This means showing both sportsmanship and showmanship. Sportsmanship requires you to treat others with respect, losing gracefully and playing fairly. Showmanship refers to your enjoyment of performing in front of a crowd, along with your ability to show excitement and happiness. A cheerleader who shows outstanding spirit keeps sportsmanship and showmanship in mind both on and off of the field. If you only show these skills on the field, people may lose respect for you. You show sportsmanship and showmanship off the field by having a positive attitude, participating in community service and being a leader.
Committing yourself to practicing your cheerleading skills and staying in shape enhance your ability to show spirit. Your crisp movements and spirit-provoking cheers are what engage the crowd and encourage your team. To keep your routines as crisp and enticing as possible, you need to attend your team practices, practice on your own time and exercise regularly. Practice allows you to build confidence in your skills, which allows you to show increased showmanship. Exercising strengthens your muscles and increases your endurance to help you stay confident and strong throughout each event. While exercising, devote time to both aerobic exercise and to strengthening your legs, abdomen and arms. Consider setting up workouts and practices with other members of your cheer squad to help enhance the unity of your team, which increases the amount of spirit your team shows.
Failure to consume a well-balanced diet takes away from your ability to show outstanding spirit by decreasing your health and energy levels. A well-balanced diet focuses on the consumption of whole grains, fresh fruits, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products and fresh vegetables. This does not mean you can’t have an occasional sugary or fatty snack. It simply means most of your diet should come from healthy food choices, such as whole-grain cereal, skinless poultry, fish, apples, broccoli, lettuce, oranges, peppers, nuts and seeds. Eating too many fatty or sugary foods decreases your intake of vitamins or minerals and decreases your ability to stay strong and full of pep.

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