Saturday, January 21, 2012

What are th Physical Requirements for Cheerleading?

A cheerleading physical, also called a sports physical or a pre-participation exam, is a medical examination that is often required prior to participating in a sport. Many states require that athletes undergo a physical before beginning a competitive sport, according to the website TeensHealth. The purpose of a cheerleading physical is to determine whether you are healthy enough to endure the physical activity associated with the sport.
Medical History
The first part of a cheerleading physical will involve a question and answer session in which your physician will gain insight into your medical past. You will answer questions about such injuries you may have had, such as breaks, fractures or concussions, and any previous surgeries. You will inform your physician of any allergies you have or any medications or herbal supplements you currently take. Your physician will ask about your family medical history. Because many chronic diseases are genetic, this can help determine your risk of certain conditions that may affect your cheerleading performance.
Although you may be tempted to bend the truth, answering questions honestly and thoroughly is the only way for your doctor to obtain an accurate medical history. TeensHealth notes that many physicians consider the medical history the most important part of the physical. Remember that your doctor is not there to judge you, but rather to help you. Do not just give answers you think your doctor wants to hear.
Physical Examination
Once the verbal aspect of the cheerleading physical is complete, a physical examination is next. A physical examination includes measurement of height, weight, blood pressure and your pulse. Your physician will perform vision tests to ensure your eyesight is normal. During the physical examination, your posture, strength, reflexes and flexibility will be evaluated. Your physician will check the health of your heart, lungs, throat, ears, nose and abdomen.
Based on the results of your medical history and physical examination, your physician will do one of two things. If everything checks out, you will be cleared to cheerlead and given the appropriate paperwork that states this. If your physician discovers anything that he thinks might keep you from safely participating in cheerleading, he may order more tests and a follow-up exam.

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