Friday, January 20, 2012

What to Know About Golf Jump Shot Basics?

Ideally, you want to work the basketball inside to get a high percentage shot like a layup or even a dunk. That's not always possible. During a game, there are times when the opposing defense is too stout under the basket or the shot clock is running down. That's when you need to execute the jump shot.
Step 1
Develop your wrist strength for an effective jump shot. Weight training is the best way to develop muscles in the wrist and forearm, which provide the base for the jump shot. Quick sets of curls and reverse curls help develop the needed strength. Keep the wrist as straight as possible before releasing the shot. Hand strength is also important because you need to securely grip the basketball before releasing it. .
Step 2
Keep proper form with your elbow. On the jump shot, the elbow acts as the rudder. If the elbow is too close to the body or too far away on the release, the jump shot is not going to be accurate. The ideal form is keeping the shoulder loose while fully extending the shooting arm and keeping the elbow in an "L" shape just off the body. Keep your non-shooting hand underneath the basketball and release the jumper with a smooth flick of the wrist. Without full arm extension, the jump shot is likely to be short of the basket.
Step 3
Remember your legs when forming the jump shot. Getting the proper push off the floor sets up the shot, and it's important to jump as straight as possible. If you are leaning too far to the right or left once in the air, your balance is going to be compromised and the jump shot is likely to be off target. If you are being guarded by a smaller defender, you don't need to jump as high, and that should give you better control. Against a taller defender, try fading back a little off the jump to avoid the block.

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