Saturday, January 21, 2012

What to Know About Doing Wallover Cheerleading Stunt?

Walkovers are one of the common moves performed on a gymnastics mat, and also are common moves in cheerleading, tumbling and dance routines. A walkover is a bit like a somersault in which your hands touch the ground, or a flip where your legs travel separately rather than together. Whether you go for a front or back walkover, you'll need good overall flexibility and strength, and the ability to stand up or recline into a bridge position. Consult your doctor before starting any new sport or exercise regimen.
Step 1
Warm up and stretch thoroughly. Walkovers use all four of your limbs and your back. Perform stretches for your lower back in particular, and the large and small muscles in your arms and legs.
Step 2
Practice getting into and out of a bridge position. A bridge is formed when your feet and palms are flat on the floor, with your fingers and toes pointing in the same direction. Your back faces the floor and your body forms an upward-arching bridge shape. For a front walkover, you will need to practice standing up from a bridge. For a back walkover, you will need to be able to lean back from standing and land in a bridge position.
Step 3
Practice the kick part of the walkover. For a front walkover, you will start standing and kick with your strongest leg first through a handstand and into a bridge. For a back walkover, you will start in a bridge position and kick your strongest leg up over your head and back to a standing position.
Step 4
Join together the parts of the walkover to start and end in a standing position. For a front walkover, you will kick forward into a bridge and immediately stand up from the bridge, using the momentum of your kick. For a back walkover you will lean back into a bridge then kick backward to return to standing.

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