Friday, January 20, 2012

Golf Disc Groove Throw Techniques

Disc golf is a combination of Frisbee and golf where players attempt to land plastic discs in goals in as few throws as possible. Like the various clubs used in regular golf, disc golf uses a variety of discs that are each designed for a specific shot. The Groove is a disc made by Innova and primarily used for long, straight shots or drives. In comparison to other drivers, the Groove is lightweight and beneficial for beginners or those with lower throwing speeds.
Step 1
Select the Groove for initial drive shots or second shots on longer holes. The Groove is meant to be thrown over long distances with power. Shorter, weaker shots do not utilize the Groove's distance-oriented design.
Step 2
Grip the Groove by placing your thumb on top of the disc with the pads of your four fingers along the inside edge of the lip. According to Dave Dunipace, Innova's co-founder, this is a standard four-finger power grip for longer shots.
Step 3
Aim your shoulder directly at the target while holding the disc. Some discs are meant to curve left or right, but the Groove is designed as a straight flier.
Step 4
Cock your arm to the side of your body and fling the disc toward your target so your elbow, wrist and fingers act like one continuous whip. The whipping motion is what gives the disc its power.

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