Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Develop Cheerleading Catching Techniques?

Cheerleading stunts, where two or three cheerleaders lift or toss another cheerleader into the air, are exciting and fun. The process of returning a stunt to the ground is called dismounting. One way to dismount a cheerleading stunt is with a cradle. The top person — also called the flyer — is also cradled from a tossing stunt. Safety regulations require a back spot be used in any cradle. The back spot's job is to protect the head and neck of the flyer. Catching her properly in a cradle is paramount to her safety.
Main Bases
Step 1
Start in a half-elevator, also called an extension prep, in which two bases hold the top person's feet at shoulder height.
Step 2
Dip down and pop the top person out of your hands. Use perfect timing to pop her. Both bases must also lift their hands to the exact same height. Keep your arms lifted after popping your top person up, so you are ready to catch her.
Step 3
Make contact with the top person as early as you can. Since your arms are already in the air, you should be able to catch her as high as your arms can reach. Before cradling the flyer, the main bases should practice where they will place their arms in the cradle. The best placement is staggered with each base having an arm in between the other base's arms.
Step 4
Hug the top person toward you as you catch her. Bend your knees to absorb the force of her landing. Hold her in the cradle position for a few seconds before popping her out to the front to land on her feet.
Back Spot
Step 1
Stand behind the top person in the stunt with your arms lifted up toward her.
Step 2
Catch the top person as soon as you can reach her, scooping your fists under her armpits and cushioning her head and shoulders on your chest. Tip your head to the side slightly as you catch so you do not bang heads with the top person.
Step 3
Grab the top person by the waist as she is popped out of the cradle, and step forward so you are directly behind her, steadying her in her landing.

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