Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Ways to Do Left L and Right L Cheerleading Stunts

Cheerleading without its basic moves would be like a football team with no playbook. Although every squad has its own routine, most of these routines are based on a handful of foundational positions, one of which is the "L." This move, as its name suggests, requires a cheerleader to hold her arms in the shape of the letter L, either to the right or the left. While it is not a difficult move to execute, it does require some practice to perform it with sharp, perfectly executed motions.
Step 1
Punch your right arm straight out to the side with your hand curled into a fist. Your thumb should be facing away from your body, toward your audience, which can be the spectators or the players on the field, depending upon your routine.
Step 2
Punch your left arm straight up in sync with your right arm. Keep it in line with your body and near your left ear, keeping your head still unless otherwise instructed by your squad leader. The little finger on your fist should be facing the audience.
Step 3
Reverse positions to form the left "L". Extend your left arm to the side, parallel to the ground, and punch your right arm straight up, with your left thumb and your right little finger facing the audience.

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