Friday, January 20, 2012

Easy Left Arm Rotation Exercises for Golf

Golf drills for left arm rotation are designed to improve the speed and rotation of your left forearm during a stroke. While arm rotation for both the left and right arm are essential, left arm rotation, if you are right-handed, is what drives the direction and spin of the ball during your swing.
Arm Rotation
The drill is designed to emphasize correct form with both of your arms during a stroke. Stand in a normal golf stance with no club in your hands. Let your arms hang down loosely in front of your body. From here, clasp your hands together so they are touching at the palms. From this position, attempt to rotate your arms back into a regular swing. You will notice that your left arm only rotates in the forearm while staying straight and stable the rest of the way. Swing through with your hands together and arms close together. Repeat until you get the feel of the swing.
Backswing Rotation
While your left arm stays fairly straight during your swing, it should rotate 90 degrees during the backswing. To isolate this portion of your swing, take a swing, stopping when both arms are extended in front of you. From here, bend at the elbows, rotating both arms back until your left arm has rotated 90 degrees. Instead of returning to your original position, simply move your arms back to the extended position you were in prior to the rotation. Repeat the rotation 10 times.
Parallel Rotation
This drill is designed to emphasize your ability to rotate your arms in opposite directions. Grab a golf club with a normal grip. From here, extend the club out and away from your body until it is parallel with the ground. From this position, rotate your wrists so the head of the club flips onto its side. From here, rotate it in the opposite direction so the head is on its opposite side. Go back and forth between these two rotations until fatigued.
One Arm
This rotation drill will help you improve your left hand rotation. Stand in a basic stance with a traditional grip. Remove your right hand from the club, leaving only your left hand on the club. Pull back into a normal swing, following through with only your left hand. Return to your original stance, repeating the one-handed stroke until fatigued. As you improve, place a ball in front of you to swing at with one hand.

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