Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Develop Kickball Drills?

Like baseball, kickball is a team sport that requires running, catching and throwing skills. However, it has two key differences. You use a large rubber ball and you have to be able to kick it. Improve your game by familiarizing yourself with the rules and the basics of team play. Then you can do drills and play games to hone your kickball skills. Keep in mind that some kickball leagues, especially those with drop-in games for teenagers or adults, emphasize the social nature of the game more than its competitiveness.
Step 1
Watch people playing kickball. You can get a sense of different approaches to kicking and fielding the ball.
Step 2
Play several games of kickball. This is the best way to learn and develop team skills. Try different positions in the outfield so you develop diverse skills.
Step 3
Perform running drills. You spend more time base running and running to field balls in kickball than you do kicking. Improve your ability to do quick turns and sprints by running slalom-style through cones.
Step 4
Practice ball-handling skills. Use the kickball for an informal game of soccer to become more familiar with how the ball responds to your kick. With a teammate, throw and catch a kickball from close range and gradually increase the distance. Kick the ball to each other to practice fielding and catching fly balls.
Step 5
Act as a referee for a kickball game. Watching players compete will deepen your understanding of the skills it takes to play kickball well.

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