Saturday, January 21, 2012

What to Prepare for Junior High Cheerleading Tryouts?

A spot on the junior high cheerleading squad can provide a crucial "in" to the varsity squad as well as opportunities for honing your tumbling, dance and cheer skills. Resist the temptation to waltz into tryouts unprepared. Find out what's expected, practice as much as possible and give it your all. You can be proud of your performance at tryouts by following a few simple tips.
Do the Research
Ask former junior high cheerleaders what the cheerleading coach looks for at tryouts. Ask them how they felt during tryouts and try to get an idea of how each cheerleader is evaluated. Find out what the coach places the most emphasis on; for example, tumbling, attitude or stunts. Ask the coach how many open slots there are and how many girls he expects to add this year. Ask him what he looks for in a good cheerleader and take it to heart.
In the weeks leading up to tryouts, stay focused. Don't start a new diet or a new activity. Stretch daily and practice your tumbling. Get in 30 minutes of cardio every day to help clear your head and build endurance. Practice the tryout routine every day until you know it by heart. Stand in front of a mirror to check your own movements and have a friend or parent give you feedback as well. If you have a friend trying out for the squad too, practice together.
Look the Part
Stay away from too-tight or over-the-top outfits at tryouts. Looking good is important, but so is being comfortable and able to move easily. Stick to age-appropriate stretchy fabrics that showcase your muscles and allow you room to breathe and move. Wear your school colors and tie a ribbon in your hair. Put on light makeup and avoid excessive "glam" like glitter eyeshadow or shimmery lotion. Dress as if you're interviewing to be a cheerleader -- look spirited and enthusiastic, but also focused and serious about the job.
Finish Strong
Banish your fears of failure before your tryout by thinking positive thoughts and visualizing yourself as a new junior high cheerleader. During your tryout, keep a smile on your face and go through the routine calmly. Do not let any nervousness show. Don't try to improvise or think ahead several movements -- you may distract yourself and make an error. If you make a mistake, do not acknowledge it. When you finish, thank the judges individually and wait to be dismissed before leaving.

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