Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Things to Know About Hitting Golf Long Drives

The golf swing is one of the most precise motions in all of sports, and driving the golf ball a long way takes plenty of training. Driving distance is a huge asset in the sport, with shorter approach shots to the green being much easier to hit close to the hole with a higher lofted club. Driving the ball a long way requires a combination of fundamentals in the setup and execution of the golf swing.
Step 1
Rest the golf ball on the tee about halfway above the top line of your driver, to ensure you contact it on the up swing.
Step 2
Place the ball off the inside edge of your left foot in your stance, if you are right-handed. The driver requires you to get behind the ball and fully extend for maximum carry.
Step 3
Hinge your wrists up and down on your back swing, and never from side to side. This ensures that your left wrist remains flat and that the club enters into the slot position.
Step 4
Rotate your shoulders and hips away from the target as the club reaches the top of the back swing to create torque.
Step 5
Start your downswing by rotating your hips back toward the target and through the ball. Remember to turn your hips laterally and not to slide.
Step 6
Lag the club behind your hands as they head into the slot position, which is formed by your hands ready for impact and the club trailing behind straight up in the air. This is a major key for distance with the driver.
Step 7
Explode through the ball, releasing your hands at impact and following through to a full finish.

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