Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things to Know About Baseball Tagging

Tagging in baseball refers to touching the runner with the ball while he is not standing on a base. The concept of tagging a runner is not complicated, but you should follow the proper procedure to ensure the ball stays in your glove and the play is completed.
Second or Third Base
Step 1
Straddle the base so that when the runner slides in he won't slam into your shins or ankles. Follow the ball into your glove to ensure a clean catch.
Step 2
Drop your glove down in front of the base and hold it there so the runner slides into it. After tagging the runner's feet, pull your glove away as his feet make contact with the bag to lessen the chance of the ball being knocked loose.
Step 3
Sweep your glove down toward the edge of the base quickly if the runner is already into his slide once you've received the ball. The quick motion with your glove will sometimes get you a favorable call from the umpire on a really close play.
Home Plate
Step 1
Position your feet so your left leg is on the left hand side of the plate. This might deter the runner from trying to slide into your shin guard.
Step 2
Catch the ball in your glove and immediately reach into the glove and grab the ball with your throwing hand.
Step 3
Hold the ball inside your glove and bend your knees to lower yourself in case of a collision.
Step 4
Tag the runner with the back of the glove as he runs by or slides in. Turn your body away if possible as the tag is made to absorb some of the impact.

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