Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things to Know About Cheerleading Prep

A cheerleading prep is a stunt. It is known by many other names, such as extension prep, elevator and half-elevator. A prep is an intermediate-level stunt, which should not be attempted until two other lead-up stunts have been mastered. Never stunt without the supervision of a qualified cheer coach
Step-Up Drill
Before attempting a prep, master a step-up drill. Your base executes a deep side lunge, pointing the toe of her straight right leg to the front and the toe of her bent left leg out to the side. Keep your left knee over your left ankle for stability. Standing behind the base, your top person places her hands on the base's shoulders and her left foot in the pocket formed by the base's left thigh and hip. At this point, the base should slide her left hand under the top person's leg to grab her thigh. Pushing hard off the ground, the top person steps up and locks her left knee, still supporting some of her weight in her hands on the base's shoulders and dangling her right leg behind the base's back. The base remains strong and steady simply holding the top person. To dismount, the top person bends her left leg while lowering her right foot to the ground.
Thigh Stand
The next lead-up stunt to a prep is a thigh stand. Two bases execute side lunges toward each other. One base should put her foot in front with her toe even with the other base's heel. Inside arms dangle behind your bent leg, and outside arms are lifted to take the top person's hand. Centered behind both bases, your top person takes the outside hands of the bases and steps her left foot into the pocket of the left base's leg. Pushing hard off the ground, the top person executes a step-up drill onto the left base, locking her leg and standing steady before moving her right foot toward her right base to stand balanced on both bases. With her legs locked and body tight, the top person lets go of the base's hands and executes the designated arm motion, for example a high V. To dismount, the top person takes the base's hands and lifts her left foot off the left base to initiate a hop down to the ground, landing on both feet.
To start a prep, two side bases stand facing each other with their feet hip-width apart, their knees slightly bent, and their hands at bellybutton level, palms facing up. The top person stands behind the bases with her hands on their back shoulders and her feet together. Behind your top person, your back base stands with her feet hip-width apart and her hands firmly grasping the top person's waist to assist her with building the stunt. Dipping deeply, the top person jumps hard off the ground, supporting her weight in her arms and gently placing her feet in the hands of the bases. As they receive the top person's feet, the side bases squat down without lowering their hands and then straighten their legs, lifting their hands up to eye level before settling the top person at shoulder level. The stunt ends with the top person standing, her feet in the hands of the bases. The back base grabs the top person's calves or thighs to steady the stunt.
To dismount the prep, the bases hold the top person's weight in their back hands, releasing her toe to reach their hands up. The top person bends forward from the waist, grabbing the bases hands. With a count of "1-2-down-up," the bases dip slightly and pop the top person up. The top person brings her feet together to land with her knees slightly bent. The side bases grab her upper arm with their back hands as she heads for the ground. The back base grabs her waist to steady her landing.

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