Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Develop Pro Golfer Skills?

Becoming a good golfer requires practice, dedication and commitment. A proficient golfer is one who has mastered a variety of skills, each one enhancing a certain aspect of his game. However, certain abilities that a good golfer must attain are sometimes overlooked in traditional study. By focusing on improving your skill in specific elements of the game, you can increase your overall ability to win and perform.
Any golfer must master several fundamental elements of the sport before he can truly become competent. A prospective golfer must first learn how to stand and swing each club correctly to hit the ball in a functional way. He can then work on making solid contact with the ball, while regulating its direction and distance. The more basic parts of a golfer's skill-set act as building blocks upon which more advance techniques can stand. Until stance and swing are conquered, for example, a golfer will not be able to target specific areas of the course effectively.
Physical Conditioning
A proficient golfer must posses a level of physical conditioning that supports his tasks as an athlete. However, a novice golfer may give little consideration to physical fitness when thinking of ways to improve her game. Renowned international golfing coach Tom Fielding states that "The physical 'machine' of the player is far more important than most golfers realize." Golfing well requires excellent coordination, physical strength, stamina and flexibility. A golfer who neglects to improve these areas of performance significantly limits her overall chances of success.
A large part of any good golfer's game is psychological. According to Wade Pearse, professional golfing performance coach, "You'll only play to your full potential when you harness and direct the power of your mind." Distractions will be present during any typical round of golf. Proficient golfers are those who are able to maintain a laser-like focus, despite the emergence of customary diversions. A good player must also be capable of making real-time strategic adjustments during play. Doing so requires a cool and calm demeanor, one developed through deliberate practice aimed toward improving focus and concentration.
Putting is an art that any golfer must master before she can truly become skillful. While the ability to drive a long ball is often prized in golfing, many matches are won or lost on the green. Pars are often made on the green, and improving your putt will significantly enhance your overall capacity to play golf. The best players know that many competitors boast of executing long drives, but most fall short in scenarios that require precision.

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