Friday, January 20, 2012

Proper Golf Feet, Knee and Hand Positions

Proper setup and placement of the feet in golf helps to create optimal conditions for executing a solid golf swing. Going without these is not unlike trying to build a sound structure on a faulty foundation. Stick with a few basic guidelines and you'll give yourself a better chance to build a strong, reliable swing.
The Feet
PGA professional Casey Bourque recommends that you set your feet shoulder-width apart, a sufficient base to support a full turn during your swing. For longer clubs --- such as the driver or 3-wood --- widen your stance slightly to accommodate the wider swing arc. Set the rear foot perpendicular to the target line and leave the front foot slightly open --- that is, with the toe pointing a little outward.
Knee Flex and Weight Distribution
In "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons," the legendary golfer describes the appropriate knee flex for the golf stance as lowering your rear end 2 to 3 inches, as if beginning to sit down. Your weight should be distributed evenly between your legs and centered on your feet so that you are neither out on your toes or back on your heels. Comfortable and balanced is the key here, prepared to make an athletic move.
Spine Tilt
The spine is the axis around which the body rotates during the golf swing, Bourque explains on his website. As a result, the spine angle should remain as straight as possible at setup and through the entire swing. Tilt your body slightly forward, bending at the hips to provide the proper angle for the spine.
Position of the Hands
Hogan underlines the importance of letting the arms hang down naturally to find the proper position for holding the club. Reaching too far with the arms to grip the club will make it difficult to rotate around your spine through the swing. For irons, there should be a space roughly the size of a fist between your hands gripping the club and your left thigh. Reach slightly farther to grip the driver to accommodate the wider swing arc for that club.

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