Thursday, January 19, 2012

How is Long Home Run is Hit?

Hitting the ball over the fence in baseball is not often a matter of desire. Hitting a long home run and watching it fly past the outfield wall is a goal that many players have since the first time they pick up the bat. The ability to hit home runs comes from hand-eye coordination, timing, developing a consistent swing, strength and finding the proper pitch to hit. Without any of these factors, most hitters would not be able to hit long home runs.
Step 1
Swing a bat that you can use without struggling. Some hitters think that if they swing a heavy bat, they will put more force behind the ball and hit it farther than they could with a lighter bat. The key to hitting the ball for distance is bat head speed at the time of impact. A batter has to find a bat that he is comfortable with and can swing through the ball quickly.
Step 2
Place the majority of your weight on your back leg as you set up in the batter's box. As the pitch comes in and you start your swing, shift your weight to your front side during the process. If your weight is on your back leg to start, you will get more of your weight and momentum heading to and through the ball throughout the swing process.
Step 3
Keep your head still and focus on a spot slightly below the center of the ball if you want to drive the ball for power and hit a long home run. Bring your hands down and through the ball with a level swing. You may actually want to hit the ball with a slight downward stroke if you can make contact just below center. This will cause the ball to rise after contact and it will also create a backspin that will help the ball fly for greater distance.
Step 4
Follow through fully after you make contact. When you are trying to hit the ball hard and have it fly over the fence, you must maintain your bat speed as long as possible. If you don't follow through, the result will likely be a short fly ball or pop up. Many hitters want to see the results of their swing and will stop short, preventing them from hitting the ball hard. Drive your hands to and through the ball and get a full hip turn before dropping the bat and looking for the ball.

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