Friday, January 20, 2012

Things to Know About Servant Golf

Range Servant, founded in Sweden in 1983, supplies all necessities to open or update a golf range, from high-quality balls, to ball dispensers, to ball-washing equipment, to ball pickers. In 1991, Range Servant opened a facility in Norcross, Georgia, which became the central location for the company's worldwide operation.
Golf Balls
Range Servant's tips to range owners and would-be range owners is simple. No golfer likes to hit range balls that are scuffed up, cut, hard as concrete or soft as butter. Range Servant sells Wilson golf balls, which are all 90 compression, the hardness preferred by most golfers. They are scuff-resistant due to a special cover utilized by Range Servant. If you have a range with limited space, Range Servant sells limited flight balls. If you have water targets on your range, always a popular feature, Range Servant supplies balls that fly normally and float.
Range Servant is the largest maker of golf ball dispensers. It washes balls in machines without harsh solvents, which extends the life of range balls. It programs its automatic range tee-up system to operate more quickly, enabling golfers to hit more balls in a shorter period of time and range owners to make more money. Range Servant uses high-grade material, such as Astroturf and Fiberbuilt, for its range mats. And its range ball-pickers carry a two-year warranty.
Range Servant can accessorize your range with legends that show distances to various targets. There are clocks mounted on display boards to let golfers know when it is time to tee off. You can purchase signs that stick into the ground with information such as "No Chipping," or "Putting Green Closed." Bag stands, plastic chairs, drink coolers and club washers also are available.
Range Servant offers light systems, payment systems and different types of ball dispensers. Range owners who purchase equipment from other companies can still compare and contrast with the products and services available from Range Servant.

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