Saturday, January 21, 2012

What to Know About Cheerleading Round Offs?

A round-off is a tumbling skill frequently used in cheerleading. While it is a beginner-level skill, it is used in intermediate, advanced and even elite tumbling passes. Mastering a round-off is important for all cheerleaders. Learn and practice your round-off only under the supervision of a qualified cheerleading coach or gymnastics instructor.
At the base of a good-round off is a strong handstand. Practicing your handstand position will help you master a cartwheel, round-off and even a back handspring. Drill your form by performing a handstand against a wall for support. Step forward with one foot, kicking your other leg up into a handstand balanced by the wall. Check your form. Adjust your hands so they are directly under your shoulders. Pull your abdominal muscles in toward your spine. Keep your legs straight and together, and point your toes.
The first part of a round-off is a cartwheel, so perfecting it will help you achieve a round-off more quickly. Start in a lunge and lean forward, executing a quarter turn to place both hands on the ground, one in front of the other. As your legs leave the ground, hit a handstand position with your legs straddled before executing another quarter turn to place one foot on the ground at a time.
A round-off typically is performed as a part of a running pass. Take a few quick steps before lunging into a cartwheel, performing your quarter turn and placing your hands on the ground one in front of the other in a straight line. As your body hits the handstand portion of your cartwheel, your legs should come together in preparation for your final quarter turn. Use your core muscles to powerfully snap your legs down, landing with your feet together. Rebound into the air with the power from your round-off.
Tumbling Passes
The key component in many tumbling passes is a round-off. Beginners can make a tumbling pass out of a simple round-off followed by a cheerleading jump, such as a tuck or a toe touch. More advanced tumblers can pair a round-off with a back handspring or even a back handspring and back tuck. Finally, elite tumblers will use a round-off and back handspring before executing a full-twisting layout. From beginner to elite, all cheerleaders rely on a good, strong round-off for their tumbling passes.

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