Saturday, January 21, 2012

4 Things to Know About Cheerleading Split Jumps

In cheerleading, split jumps are advanced moves in which a cheerleader jumps off two feet and performs a front split in the air. The cheerleade rneeds to have enough flexibility to perform a split, enough ankle, calf and thigh strength to jump high, and enough abdominal and hip flexor strength to split the legs with energy in the air .Before working on this jump, you should be able to perform tuck jumps, spread eagles, double hooks and herkies.
Step 1
Stand with your legs together and your arms hanging down by your sides. Lift your arms to a high V position. Simultaneously bend your knees and swing your arms inward and down. Your arms should reach their lowest position at the same time as your legs reach their deepest bend.
Step 2
Jump up sharply, keeping your back straight and your toes pointed. To get more height on your jump, swing your arms out to the side as your toes leave the ground. Stop the momentum of your arms once they are extended sideways from your shoulders.
Step 3
Begin opening your legs into the split position just before you reach the maximum height of your jump. Keep your head and chest lifted as you bring one leg in front of you and lift the other leg behind you. If you open your legs too soon after leaving the ground, you will loose height on your jump. If you wait too long, you might not have enough time to close your legs fully before landing. Ideally, you will hit the full split position at the highest part of your jump.
Step 4
Bring your legs together so that you land on two feet, with your knees bent. Land on the balls of your feet and roll through your foot until your heels touch the ground. This will produce a silent, well-controlled landing. Bringing your arms down at the same time will give you better control over the landing.

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