Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 Things to Know About Cheerleading Deadman Stunts

The dead man stunt is a cheerleading move that is basic for skilled cheerleaders but can still create a stir within the crowd. The move consists of one team member being tossed up in the air by three or four other members and then caught in the prone position on her front or back. The dead man is often used as a way to dismount after a series of aerial stunts.
Step 1
Stand with your feet in the hands of your teammates. Signal that the dead man is the next move in the sequence, with an agreed-upon sign. The sign may come from the flyer, coach or other member of the team.
Step 2
Bend your knees against the resistance of your teammates' hands, as they bend their arms slightly.
Step 3
Spring up off their hands as they throw you straight up into the air. Perform a stunt if it is part of your program; then lean forward or backward to make your body horizontal.
Step 4
Relax your body but keep your muscles firm and back straight to make it less challenging for your teammates to catch you. Hold your arms out to the sides if that is part of your routine.
Step 5
Hold your body in the proper posture all the way down and trust that your teammates will catch you. Keep your body prone until they have absorbed the impact of the fall.

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