Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Perform Proper Golf Chicken Wing Swing?

The golf swing is one of the most precise movements in all of sports, and all golfers want to perform at their best, regardless of ability. The chicken wing golf swing is a major swing flaw for beginning and intermediate golfers, but is used by professional players to flight the ball drastically lower.
Poor Form
Without being employed intentionally to drive the ball under trees or drastically shape a shot, the chicken wing golf swing indicates poor form and fundamentals, especially rotational strength and timing through the golf ball. The chicken wing golf swing is formed by the left elbow bowing out through impact, the right arm staying rigid and no rotation or release of the golf club. In a visual sense, this forms a chicken wing with the arms, body and golf club.
Intentional Hits
Often, however, the chicken wing golf swing is employed by better players to navigate through trouble. Holding of the release of the golf club drastically, coupled with delofting the clubface, allows golfers to drive the ball low along the ground to avoid trees or other obstructions. This proves useful in times of crisis on the course. Holding off the release with an open clubface allows golfers to impart dramatic slice spin on the golf ball.
Getting Better
Golfers looking to correct the chicken wing golf swing need to relax and swing freely. Often, especially for beginning and high-handicap golfers, tension becomes a major detriment throughout the golf swing. Players become rigid and tight and fail to extend the arms fully after impact. This is a direct cause of the chicken wing golf swing. Instead of holding your arms close to your body and extending fully through the golf ball, golfers get off plane and spray golf shots.
Fundamental Problem
The left arm remains straight throughout the golf swing, especially at impact through the golf ball. The breakdown of this to extreme measures is the root cause of the chicken wing golf swing and can be remedied through a simple visual of keeping a straight line from the left shoulder down through the left hand and wrist, all the way down through the clubface and to the golf ball -- all throughout the golf swing.

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