Thursday, January 19, 2012

4 Things to Know About RBI Scoring in Baseball

RBI is a baseball statistic that stands for runs batted in. It is an offensive stat that is used to illustrate how a hitter performs at the plate when runners are in scoring position. The maximum number of RBI you can get in a single at-bat is four. You can be credited with an RBI a various ways, but each one has to do with runs being scored as a result of your actions while at bat.
Step 1
Hit the ball when you are at bat so it lands safely in the playing field and a runner scores from third, second or first on the play.
Step 2
Hit a fly ball that is caught for an out with a runner on third and less than two outs. The runner waits on the base until the catch is made and then scores before being tagged at home plate.
Step 3
Draw a walk while at bat with the bases loaded. Proceed to first from the base on balls. All the runners move up one base, including the runner on third, who will score a run.
Step 4
Hit into a fielder's choice play with less than two outs that results in a run being scored. One example of this occurs when a ground ball is hit to the shortstop while a runner is on third. If the shortstop throws the batter out at first, the runner on third will usually be able to score. That counts as a RBI for the batter.

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