Friday, January 20, 2012

Proper Right Hand Gripping Techniques in Golf Shots

The golf grip is one fundamental that does not change from beginning to intermediate player, and from low handicapper to the professional ranks. There are different styles of golf grips but the fundamentals remain an essential part of an effective swing.
All grips for right-handed golfers have similar characteristics that allow the hands to rotate naturally and the clubface to return to impact in a consistent position. The golf club must be held in the fingertips and the lifelines of the hands, never the palms. Both Vs formed by the thumb and forefinger always need to point toward the right armpit at address, ensuring a proper preshot setup.
The most common grip for beginning right-handed golfers is the baseball grip, where the club is held with 10 fingers, similar to most baseball grips. This grip can provide significant power, but it can be difficult for the hands to stay connected during the swing. This grip also allows for proper forearm rotation and favors players who prefer to hit a draw. The drawback is consistency and being able to replicate the correct impact position every time.
As golfers progress from beginning to intermediate stages, their grip must evolve. Many players make the switch from a baseball or 10-finger grip to the overlap, which is preferred by a majority of PGA Tour professionals and low-handicap golfers. The overlap grip is basically the same grip as a baseball grip -- held in the fingertips and lifeline of the hands -- but overlaps the forefinger of the left hand into the notch between the pinkie and ring finger on the right hand.
The interlock grip is also popular among better golfers who prefer control and accuracy at the expense of a little distance. This grip has the index finger on the left hand interlocked between the pinkie and ring finger of the right hand on the back of the golf club. This connects the hands through the golf swing and allows for proper rotation of the clubhead. The hands are not as free, which sacrifices a small amount of distance.

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