Friday, January 20, 2012

Proper Shoulder Rotation Techniques in Golf Swing

Golf is a very demanding sport, and the golf swing is a series of very precise movements. Golfers practice their swings routinely for years, and building a full and proper shoulder turn is essential for success. The large muscles drive the golf swing, and using your body to produce distance is essential for long, straight golf shots. A proper shoulder turn begins with the shoulders leading the back swing. It continues all the way to the top of the swing.
Step 1
Lead the back swing with the shoulders rotating away from the target. The first movement should not be from the hands or arms, but rather from the shoulders.
Step 2
Turn your shoulders away from the target while picking up your hands and hinging your wrists up and down, never from side to side.
Step 3
Slide your left shoulder fully under your chin. This helps with extension and ensures that your shoulders will be completely perpendicular to your target at the top of the backswing.
Step 4
Transfer your weight to your right foot (for right handed golfers) and torque your hips away from the target.
Step 5
Complete the backswing by turning your shoulders as far back as they will go. Ideally, this position will place them perpendicular to your target.
Step 6
Extend your hands and arms to the sky and hold this position, allowing your body to coil and prepare for the downswing.
Step 7
Capture your swing on video -- for an additional practice drill -- and make sure the angle of shoulder turn in your swing is as close to 90 degrees as you are able to come.

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