Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things to Know About Cheerleading Double Cradle Stunt

Cheerleading features outstanding athletic moves and requires speed, quickness, agility, endurance and courage. When cheerleaders get set to prepare an advanced moved such as the double cradle, it takes hours of precise practice. This is a move that can result in a serious injury if the base cannot catch the flier who is performing a double twist move. When the double cradle -- also called the double-twisting cradle -- is executed well, it is one of the most exciting moves in cheerleading.
Step 1
Three bases will hold the flier who will perform the double twisting cradle. One cheerleader holds the flier under the hip while the others will hold the shoulders and the feet. On the count of 1, the bases dip their knees. On the count of 2, the bases toss the cheerleader in the air.
Step 2
Drive you hands up high in the air as you ascend. This position is called the high V. Stay as tight as possible and reach as high as you can. Drive your hands down to your left as hard as you can when you have reached the peak of your jump.
Step 3
Spin as hard as you can as you descend. Ensure you are looking to your left and spin as fast as possible. You have to do two full circles before your bases catch you.

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