Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to Wear for a Golf Play?

The dress code for golfers can vary from course to course, especially between private country clubs and public courses. At public courses, there may be no dress code or a relaxed one that allows jeans or shorts, whereas private clubs may have very strict guidelines regarding what attire is appropriate for the golf course.
At most courses with a dress code, the general attire for tops is a collared golf shirt. These types of shirts are often short-sleeved and have two or three buttons and are long enough to be tucked in comfortably. At some courses, long sleeve shirts with a sweater and/or blazer are required of men. For women, the midriff may not be exposed during the swing and sleeveless shirts are generally permitted as long as the shirt has a collar.
For most professional tournaments and private courses, slacks are required for all men. Some courses allow shorts for men as long as they are hemmed and not cut-offs. Women usually may wear slacks as well as skirts, as long as skirts do not rise more than 5 in. above the knee. Public courses often allow jeans, but a number of courses have instituted a "no denim" rule. Belts are also required with pants or shorts nearly everywhere.
Most courses do not require you to wear golf spikes, but if you do wear them, most courses have disallowed metal spikes on the course and in the clubhouse. Softer plastic spikes are the rule, as they do not damage the course. You may not wear boots at most golf courses.
Most clubs allow baseball-style caps as long as they are worn straight forward. Golfers are also allowed to wear straw hats or visors if they prefer.

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