Friday, January 13, 2012

What to Prepare for a Baseball Tryouts?

Twenty spots are on the baseball team, and 50 players are trying out. Crunching the numbers can cause unneeded stress and anxiety, and that affects performance. Approaching the baseball tryout with confidence and a positive attitude is half the battle. Focus on hitting, fielding and throwing because they are the skills that earn you a spot on the roster.
Listen Up
Baseball tryouts are chaotic. Usually more players are auditioning for roster spots than coaches evaluating the talent, so block out unnecessary distractions and be ready to perform. When it is time to hit, do not waste time looking for a helmet and bat. Hustle out for fielding drills, and pay attention to what the coaches want to see during pitching tryouts.
Position of Strength
Bring confidence to the baseball tryout, but do not go overboard. If pitching is your natural position, raising your hand when the coach asks for catchers can be harmful. It is good to be versatile, but tryouts are the time to display your strengths. The same principal goes for hitting. If you are best at driving the baseball to the opposite field, trying to pull pitches over the fence during the tryout is likely to backfire.
Play it Smart
Physical ability is key to making the team, but never underestimate baseball smarts. Coaches pay close attention to players that understand situational baseball and are able to execute in different situations. Making the cut can come down to knowing how to hit the cutoff man, move the runner over and throw to the right base. The less you have to be taught baseball basics, the more likely you are to make the team.
No Fear
Failing to make the team happens to even the best players. If you do not make the cut in your baseball tryout, begin preparing for the next one. The coaches will let you know why you did not make the team. If hitting is the problem, go to work in the cage. If pitching is the problem, lessons are readily available. Baseball is a fun sport to play, but it is not easy. Hard work and practice are required, and they pay off during tryouts.

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