Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to Know Before Playing Golf With Elbow Tendonitis?

Golf is a game of precision, and any injuries -- especially to the arms, elbows and core -- can adversely affect the proper swing and mechanics. Playing golf with elbow tendinitis is difficult, considering the violent motion of taking divots and the sheer number of golf swings over the course of one round. However, you can ease the pain of the blow, and employing thick grip tape will lessen the vibrations through the shaft to your hands and arms.
Step 1
Learn to swing shallow. While healthy golfers can take large, flopping divots caused by a descending blow, your goal is to reduce elbow pain. Make swings that are more horizontal than vertical, and take small divots that remove only a sliver of turf.
Step 2
Swing the club around your body instead of up and down. Keep all other fundamentals of the golf swing intact. You can still make competent golf swings without getting too steep into impact -- the leading cause of elbow discomfort.
Step 3
Consider using an elbow brace to take some of the pressure off your damaged joint. Tendinitis can be very painful, and your goal is to make it through complete rounds of golf with as little pain as possible.
Step 4
Build up your grips with the grip tape. Wrap four or even five layers of tape around the shaft before sliding the grips on. This will drastically cut down on the vibrations you feel through the shaft and the stinging pain that shoots up to your elbow on mishits.
Step 5
Grip the club very lightly. Tension is a killer in the golf swing, and it can be downright painful for golfers with elbow tendinitis. You want to hold the club like you would a baby -- tight enough to control it, but light enough to not choke the life out of it.
Step 6
Take normal medical precautions. Any prescribed medicine before the round would help loosen the joints and minimize the pain. Instead of playing 36 holes per day, you might want to rest after the first 18 holes and live to swing another day.

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