Friday, January 13, 2012

What to Know About Kombucha Tea?

Making and Finding Kombucha
Kombucha tea is a healthy drink made from the Kombucha "mushroom." A live SCOBY, which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, is soaked in a gallon of green or black tea with sugar for 30 days. The tea is then drained out after absorbing the nutrients from the SCOBY. During that time, the SCOBY grows another mushroom called a baby. The original SCOBY is discarded and the baby is then used in the next batch of Kombucha tea. Sometimes, manufacturers will add flavoring to the brew such as ginger, strawberry or aloe. You can buy 8 to 12 oz. bottles of Kombucha at a natural foods store. The bottles contain approximately four servings. Also, you can purchase a SCOBY online and brew your own. You should always look for organic Kombucha sold in glass bottles. Plastic should not be used. Kombucha is naturally fizzy if it has brewed long enough. Do not drink Kombucha tea that has sat for less than 30 days as it will not be as nutritious, unless specifically told that your system could handle a less strong variation of the tea. Some manufacturers only brew the tea for seven to 10 days.
Drinking the Tea
It is recommended to start by drinking 1 to 2 oz. of Kombucha a day. Drink a little in the morning on an empty stomach for the most detoxifying benefits. You can drink up to three 4 oz. servings throughout the day over the course of a few weeks once you are sure your body will not suffer any adverse effects. Homemade Kombucha has been known to occasionally cause illness. Two cases of lead poisoning have been reported from Kombucha brewed in glazed ceramic pots. Kombucha should be brewed in a glass container and kept cool in a dark place throughout the process.
You will begin to notice the difference from drinking the tea within a few weeks. Improved condition of the skin, more energy, and general well-being may be experienced. Kombucha drinking can also positively affect headaches, joint pain, gout and rheumatism symptoms in a short period of time.
Kombucha tea is known to be full of B vitamins, enzymes, Vitamin C and healthy bacteria. It acts as a detoxifier, immune system booster, metabolic balancer, and is used as a treatment for cancer, AIDS, arthritis and high blood pressure. Since it supports the immune system, Kombucha may reduce the severity of acne, allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome.
B vitamins, like those found in Kombucha tea, are essential for a healthy nervous system. The bacteria in Kombucha have a probiotic effect, such as people experience from consuming kefir or yogurt. This encourages the growth of microbial flora in your intestines, which produces lactic acid that helps with digestion.

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