Monday, January 16, 2012

What to Know About a Good Golf Stance?

Certain situations during a round of golf will call for you to narrow your stance before taking your swing. A wider stance is ideal for the sweeping motion of your driver and other woods, but as the clubs get shorter, your stance should narrow. A narrow stance helps you create a vertical swing path for higher approach shots that will land softly on the green. Pay attention to a couple of important factors when narrowing your golf stance.
Step 1
Approach the ball as you normally would and position it in your stance where it needs to be to make the contact you want.
Step 2
Slide your back foot closer to your front foot an inch or two at a time, until your feet are the right distance apart. Adjust your position in relation to the ball if narrowing your stance caused the ball to be too far forward or back in your stance.
Step 3
Swing your club on a more upright, vertical plane and hit down on the back of the ball before you take a divot, to give the ball backspin.

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