Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to Know About Boxing Robes?

A fighter's robe is often a symbol of self-expression, a colorful display of extravagance and grandeur. Worn immediately before competition, it can also serve a variety of practical purposes. Beyond the interests of flash and fashion, a fighter's robe can actually help him perform in different ways. A few little-known and sometimes overlooked factors may determine whether you want buy a robe more for its style or function.
A boxer's robe serves to keep him warm in the moments leading up to a fight. In the locker room, a fighter will begin throwing punches to increase circulation and prepare his neurology for battle. It is important that a fighter's muscles remain loose and heated as he enters the ring. If the body is allowed to cool, his energy level will drop as the muscles tighten and lose their fire. Boxing robes typically have an insulated inner lining that contains the fighter's natural body heat, keeping him adequately warmed up before going into the match.
Boxing robes are made to put on and take off easily, despite the sometimes cumbersome gear worn by fighters. The sleeves are oversize and can effortlessly slip over the boxer's gloves. The length of a robe is long enough to encase the exposed portion of a fighter's body, but cut off above the lower legs and feet. While resistant to the conduction of heat, the material is also lightweight and allows a fighter to move freely while limbering up his body.
Boxing robes are decorated according to a fighter's individual taste and sense of style. They are, therefore, designed in a variety of interesting and creative ways. The outer layer of a robe is typically made of a satin-like material, contributing to the garment's sleek appearance. Somewhere on the robe, a fighter will typically place his name, a personal epithet or an illustration representing some aspect of character. Training staff, positioned in the fighter's corner, often wear jackets that follow the robe's construction and appearance. This creates a feeling of uniformity among the group, a cooperative sense of standing against a common foe.
A fighter's robe is often used as a tool of intimidation. The liberty allowed in its design provides room for a variety of menacing looks and styles. A boxer, for instance, may approach the ring in the garb of an executioner, gladiator or tribal warrior, while maintaining the robe's chief design. With a variety of colors and cuts to choose from, the robe can figuratively transform a fighter into whatever persona is most appropriate for the match.

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