Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to Include in Your Golf Workout Plans?

Golf is a game of precision, and all golfers want to perform at their best, regardless of ability. A three-day workout plan can be very beneficial to the golf game, but only if it is repeated over time. Taking three days of physical and mental training gives enough freedom to try different things and work different muscle groups, but enough structure to provide the needed repetitions over time to see actual improvement in the golf swing.
Golf Fitness
Golf fitness has exploded onto the scene in recent years, with professional players along with beginning golfers taking to improving their bodies, then fixing their games. Many major researchers have devoted their careers to studying the bio-mechanics of the golf swing. These studies have produced meaningful results as to how golfers can reduce their physical limitations and swing the club more consistently for better results.
Cardio and Stretching
The foundation of any golf workout plan should be rooted in core fitness, cardiovascular activity and stretching. According to the Titleist Performance Institute, the human body must be capable of executing the dramatic and strenuous positions required in the golf swing. If a person can't execute these baseline positions, his swing will be limited from the start. During the first three or four weeks of any golf-specific workout program, incorporate golf stretching into your regimen.
Endurance and Stamina
Cardiovascular activity like running, biking, hiking and stair-climbing has an important role in the development of the golf swing. This should also be included in the three-day workout plan with varying levels of intensity -- between 20 and 40 minutes in length -- each day. Golfers are athletes, especially in the modern era of the game, and there is no room for fatigue or physical let-down during a 36-hole tournament where every shot matters. Golfers would be well served to address their physical issues at the start of the workout plan.
Bulding Muscle
After good stretching and cardio, devote each day of the workout plan to developing a specific core muscle group. The abs, hips and core are the most important parts to strengthen, because these core muscles provide the swing's power. The legs are crucial to stability and support, while strong wrists and forearms allow golfers to attach the ball out of the thick grass and rough usually encountered on errant tee shots.

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