Monday, January 16, 2012

What to Do in Golf Off-Season?

Conditioning and endurance are major parts of competitive and recreational golf. Whether you are playing in a 36-hole U.S. Amateur qualifier in the scorching August heat or a 54-hole club championship over three days, developing endurance during the offseason should be a priority for any level of golfer.
Step 1
Increase your stamina by running daily. Start with lower, manageable distances and increase your training when appropriate. During the peak of his career, Tiger Woods, according to "Golf Digest," ran three to five miles per day.
Step 2
Focus on your core and flexibility. This will increase your endurance by training your body to handle the rigors and pressure of tournament golf. Double crunches, medicine ball work, situps, leg lifts and pushups are at the core of many professional golfers' training regimens.
Step 3
Start your weight training with lighter weights and increased repetitions. This will ensure your body completes the motions properly and builds a foundation to increase weights over time.
Step 4
Spend 60 percent or more of your training with gym equipment, free weights and dumbbells. A professional golfer's training program can consist of arm and wrist curls, bench press, kettlebell swings and walking lunges while holding free weights.
Step 5
Study sport-specific exercises to develop your game and increase your endurance. For instance, if you know your core is weak, develop a plan to strengthen that area by including sitting medicine ball tosses and band-resistance pulls.
Step 6
Finish your workout with stretching. This will increase your body's range of motion and decrease injury risk, along with enhancing endurance.
Step 7
Work out three times a week during the offseason, then increase your number of training days to four and then five before paring back to three right before the season. Your endurance will increase with frequency and length of your workouts.
Step 8
Increase your running to six days a week. This is the most vital part of increasing golf endurance, and the added work will help you to perform better on the course under pressure.

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