Monday, January 9, 2012

What Do Boxers Wear for a Match?

What you wear to a boxing match depends on your role. If you are fighting, working the corner or officiating, the attire is relatively specific. However, if you are a spectator, you can wear almost anything. Depending on the scale of the event or the location, you may want to tailor your outfit accordingly.

Fighter's Attire
If you are boxing at a show, you will need a change of clothing before and after you fight, as well as the boxing kit that you will wear to fight in. You will also want some clothing to keep you warm as you prepare, or during the long periods of waiting that come with the fight game. Some fighters like a suit, or a suit and T-shirt look, for the after party, while jeans and a T-shirt from a brand popular with or targeted at fighters is also common. Brands such as Affliction sponsor boxers, some of whom have their own signature T-shirts.
Fight Wear
For an actual boxing match, you will need boxing shorts. These typically have a wide, elasticated waistband and are generally made of satin. They can be in almost any color or design, with sequined or tasseled shorts available. Customized shorts bearing your name, or features such as a flag or the colors of your favorite sports team are also popular. Amateur boxers will wear a jersey, but not professionals. You will also need boxing boots, which have a rubber sole grip suitable for the surface of a boxing ring. They tend to rise high over your ankle, giving you more ankle support as you move around the ring. A boxing robe or a hooded top can also be worn to keep you warm as you enter the ring, and can bear a sponsor's name if you have one.
If you are a boxing trainer or a cornerman, wear clothing that allows you to move freely, because you will need to be able to move around as you warm up your fighter and as you tend to him between rounds. Casual clothing is usually optimal, with jeans or jogging bottoms and a T-shirt bearing your gym's logo. Cornermen can also wear a cornerman's jacket, which is like an ordinary jacket or a vest but with extra pockets to hold the tools of the trade used to stem bleeding or treat bruises between rounds.
Depending on the scale of the event, you may need to wear formal wear such as a suit. The master of ceremonies, also known as the ring announcer, may also wear a tuxedo or a bow tie. Referees generally wear black trousers and a shirt. Judges and other officials usually wear a suit, although at smaller events this will not be necessary.
In the crowd, you can wear almost anything you want. If you want to show your support, wear a T-shirt bearing the name of your fighter, or of his gym. Any kind of casual gear is usually acceptable, although at major events or title fights you may choose to wear a suit or formal wear if you are ringside. Some white-collar boxing events have a dress code, but this is rare and will be stipulated. Boxing crowds include people from all walks of life, so there is no such thing as a typical boxing fan. However, elaborate T-shirts aimed at fighters and fight fans are increasingly popular.

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