Monday, January 9, 2012

What an Absolute Beginner Should Know About Boxing Equipments?

Boxing has its roots as a combat sport, but is considered an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. It has experience levels at the amateur and professional levels and has fallen into favor with fitness trainers and athletes alike. Finding the right equipment maximizes the boxing experience and reduces the chances for injury.

Boxing gloves are a necessity because they prevent injury to you and the other boxer. Gloves come in a variety of weights and sizes, and can be made from different materials. You can use plastic gloves for fitness classes, but leather is more durable than plastic if you are using the gloves for sparring sessions. The weight of the glove refers to the amount of protection for the wearer. recommends 14oz and 16oz gloves for beginners. The heavier gloves might seem cumbersome, but they will offer the most protection and minimize boxer injury. You'll also want to consider Velcro fasteners versus laces. Though the classic style uses laces for a snug fit, it is virtually impossible to properly snug the gloves alone. Velcro offers a securing alternative when using the speed or heavy bag alone.
Hand wrapping is an important component of wearing gloves. Your knuckles, fingers and fists will endure painful and possibly damaging injury without the proper wrapping. Boxing gyms usually have a trainer or other attendant that can help you wrap, but you may want to learn a technique that feels right to you.
Speed bags and heavy bags provide the training and practice most suitable for boxing technique. According to Associated Content, the speed bag is a lightweight type bag that moves in unpredictable patterns, improving your coordination and enforcing the rule to keep your hands up. Heavy bags provide you with training on imitating body strikes and combination moves on your opponent, and resistance to measure the effectiveness of your blows. Modern heavy bags have been designed to mimic the human torso and head to provide you with even better feedback as to how your opponent will react during a boxing match.
The right shoes are another essential component of boxing because of the unique advantages inside the ring. According to, no matter how fast or light you are, you will not last long if you do not know how to coordinate your feet. To be quick and light on your feet you need a shoe that is lightweight while still maintaining support. Footwork is important and relies on the proper traction to execute powerful combinations.
Additional Equipment
Some other articles are needed to ensure success in boxing whether for exercise or as a career. Having a notebook is important for tracking your workouts, weight, diet and help keep you motivated. A jump rope helps improve speed and agility with your feet. It also provides you an excellent cardiovascular workout to improve your endurance. For protection, you should wear a mouthpiece and groin gear. If you are currently a member of a boxing gym, use a variety of equipment to see which is right for you. When buying equipment, get assistance from a seasoned boxer or trainer, or find a reputable store with salespeople with boxing knowledge for a more satisfying purchase.

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