Monday, January 9, 2012

Tips to Care Your Dry Skin

With the vast array of beauty and skin care products available today, it is often difficult to know exactly what to choose and what will work best for you. Face powder was a staple cosmetic in your grandmother's time, but not everyone today knows how to use it effectively, and many people don't use it routinely. With the proper techniques, face powder can be used to even out skin tone and mask oiliness.
Face Powder Basics
Face powder has been used by women for centuries as a skin beautifier. French and English noblewomen used powder to maintain the image of clear, light, unblemished skin. Asian women used a white powder, sometimes made of ground pearls, to lighten their skin to a porcelain-smooth, near-white tone. Face powder also has been used for decades in the performing arts. Today's younger women typically use powder sparingly to even out their skin tone and set their makeup.
Face Powder and Oily Skin
One of the main features of most face powder is its oil-absorbent properties. Both talc- and mineral-based facial powders settle on the surface of the skin and absorb surface oils. For women with oily skin, this can be a major step toward limiting the shine caused by their own skin, as well as some foundations. Powder can also be used for quick touch-ups during the day, allowing even oily skin to retain a smoother, matte appearance.
Cakey or Dry Appearance
Because most powders are oil-absorbent, they can make skin appear too dry, cakey or crepey if used by women with dry skin. Even women with oily skin, or the common combination skin, can suffer drying if too much or the wrong kind of powder is used. Powder can settle into the lines or creases of the face or cling to the very fine hairs on the face, both of which contribute to the appearance of drier skin.
Use a Light Touch
The beauty and makeup experts at recommend using a lighter-weight, virtually translucent loose face powder for most skin types. Use an old-fashioned powder puff or a high-quality, soft-bristled makeup brush to lightly cover the surface of the face with loose powder, after moisturizer and base foundation have been applied. This will even out the skin's appearance, cover minor blemishes or discolorations and give the skin an overall matte, oil-free appearance. Do not apply too much powder and do not use heavy or dark powders, as these can both contribute to a dry, cakey look. For those with very oily skin, an occasional light touch up with a pressed powder on problem areas can keep shine to a minimum, without causing a dried-out look.

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