Monday, January 2, 2012

Things to Know to Becoma a Certified Turbo Kickboxing Instructor

Chalene Johnson, the inventor of Turbo Kick, combines kickboxing with dance moves to upbeat and motivating music in her cardiovascular exercise programs. Depending on the conditioning you are presently in, these workouts can be moderately intense to highly intense. recommends that individuals exercise with moderate intensity to decrease the risk of injury and burnout.
What is Turbo Kick?
Turbo Kick is a cardiovascular exercise program that utilizes a mixture if intervals, muscular strength and endurance training, and flexibility. This program does not require users to have previous kickboxing experience. The format of each workout consists of a warm-up, intense cardiovascular and strength section, followed by a cool-down.
How to Become a Turbo Kick Instructor
Becoming a Turbo Kick instructor requires attendance at one of its instructor training workshops. In the instructor training, participants will learn proper form and technique for each of the Turbo Kick exercises. Participants will also learn how to create the motivating atmosphere that made Turbo Kick popular.
Instructor Training Benefits
There are many benefits to becoming a certified Turbo Kick Instructor. Besides perfecting your form and technique with a featured presenter in a full day of training, you will also have the ability to purchase Turbo Kick Rounds, become a VIP and receive 20 percent off of Turbo Kick Rounds and 10 percent off Turbo Wear products, receive a two-year valid certification to teach Turbo Kick, avoid Turbo Kick licensing fees, and receive 0.07 American Council on Exercise and 7.75 Aerobics and Fitness Association of America continuing education credits.
Turbo Kick Rounds
Turbo Kick Rounds is a feature offered to certified Turbo Kick instructors. With each Turbo Kick Round an instructor purchases, they receive a complete Turbo Kick class, a music CD, class choreography, and choreography notes. Certified instructors are allowed to purchase as many Turbo Kick Rounds as they would like.
Certification Renewal
A Turbo Kick Instructor certification is valid for two years. Near the end of two years, instructors will be required to renew, continuing their certification for another two years. The benefits of renewing the certification include continued use of the trademark Turbo Kick name, maintenance of instructor status, and continued access to Turbo Kick Rounds. If instructors renew within the first 30 days of expiration, they pay a small fee. If instructors renew beyond 30 day

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