Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to Know bout Successful Golf Strategies

Most golfers think the best way to improve their game is to keep practicing their swing. But more successful players know strategy on the course is at least as important. Plotting your game and educating yourself about your equipment and how the conditions affect they way you play can lead to huge improvements in your overall performance.
One Shot at a Time
An 18-hole round of golf is long and challenging. Each hole comes with its own obstacles and nuances. The best way to approach a hole is to break it down into shots. Focus on each shot on every hole. Every hole is different from the last, and conditions change every time you play. Manage each shot individually as you approach them. Just take each shot one at a time.
Confidence is an important factor in golf. If you doubt your abilities to make a shot, you will likely never be successful. But don't confuse confidence with ego. Attempting shots you know are out of your reach or ability will lead to a bad day on the course. By hitting shots you have confidence in as opposed to shots you are hoping you will make, you shorten each hole considerably, make fewer mistakes and improve your score. A proper mindset is critical to success in golf.
Plan Each Shot
A pre-shot routine can help you improve your game tremendously. Simply walking up to the ball and hitting it toward the hole isn't a successful approach. Take the time to study the hole and find a target within your skill set that will give you the best opportunity to execute the subsequent shot. Carefully consider which club will be best. Take into account the weather conditions, wind speeds and playing surface. Give yourself the best chance to be successful with each shot by stopping and thinking before hitting it.
Know Your Clubs
When considering which club to use for your next shot, it is helpful to know how well you perform with each one. Keep notes when playing and practicing with each club so you can get a better idea of how far and how accurately you hit them. If you are unsure of which club is best for a shot, use the one you're most comfortable with. Choose a club you can swing easily the target without forcing it. When playing out of hazards or from the rough, know which of your clubs is best for that particular shot.

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