Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things to Know Before Getting Boxing Training

People are into health and exercise. Due to an ongoing fitness fad explosion, the fitness industry is saturated with instructors and personal trainers. To stay ahead as a trainer, you must constantly follow trends and get new certificates, even when that means stepping outside your comfort zone. Explore a trending area of fitness, or follow your admiration for sport fighting, and get a boxing fitness certificate to stay competitive and employed as a fitness trainer.
Sport Fighting Trend
Sport fighting has come a long way since the beginnings of professional boxing. Organizations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, generally known as the UFC, are responsible for changing the enthusiasm level and the nature of sport fighting. With the introduction of mixed martial arts, professional fighting has emerged as a more severe and surprising type of sport. However, traditional fighting like boxing still holds its own, and nothing beats a solid knockout punch. Further, boxing has a long tradition with sentimental and devoted fans and enthusiasts, and according to the Boxing Fitness Institute, boxing is "one of the hottest trends in fitness."
Who Should Train
You don't need a background in boxing or martial arts to get a boxing fitness certificate. Whether you're used to teaching aerobics or strength training, you'll likely be successful as a certified boxing trainer. Even if you don't have a fitness background but love sports, especially professional fighting, you can train and get certified for boxing. Conditioning for boxing involves intense cross-training and interval training, and the sport requires stamina, strength, agility, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Many people looking for an efficient physical and mental workout challenge, as well as something different to boast about to their friends, choose to train for boxing, according to the Boxing Fitness Institute. You can train people in groups or one-to-one via private lessons with a boxing fitness certificate.
Where to Train
Find training for boxing fitness certification online or at a boxing gym. Cyber training techniques can't replace in-person training though, points out If you want to stick with fitness training and primarily work at a commercial gym, you can get certified through fitness instructor training organizations, such as Cardio Kickboxing or Boxing Fitness Institute. Find local boxing fitness trainer education sites in major metropolitan areas, such as Prime Time Boxing in California.
USA Boxing
If you want to take boxing more seriously and get involved with teaching or coaching the sport professionally, you must get certified via USA Boxing. Contact your local USA Boxing committee, or LBC, for details about USA Boxing coaching certification.

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