Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to Know About Over the Top in Golf

Golf is a game of precision, and all golfers want to perform at their best, regardless of ability. Swinging the club over the top is one of the most common flaws in the sport and is the direct cause of slices and other inconsistencies. Most over-the-top moves in golf can be cured through an understanding of the underlying swing fundamentals and causes of the problem -- and by applying hard work to fix the errors.
Step 1
Focus on alignment and setup. A majority of golf swings, according to "Golf Digest" magazine, are doomed from the start because of incorrect setup, forcing compensations in the swing to start the ball on line.
Step 2
Aim your clubface directly at your target. If you need help, have a friend or coach stand directly behind you to ensure your clubface is pointed directly at your target.
Step 3
Align your feet parallel left of the target. Your feet should be aligned on a parallel track to your target line. This is an essential step because if your feet are open to your target, the easiest way to hit the ball is to reroute the club over the top.
Step 4
Rotate your core and turn your hips on the backswing. A main cause of swinging the club over the top is a golf swing that is completed with all arms.
Step 5
Drop the club into the slot position on the downswing. Instead of lunging out over the ball, coil your body and hold it inside the swing plane. Imagine completing your back-to-front rotation inside a telephone booth.
Step 6
Place a club cover or other obstacle outside of the golf ball. Make 10 practice swings, and then hit 10 practice balls, swinging the club inside of the plane without hitting the outside object.
Step 7
Force yourself to swing the club from inside to out, hitting down on the inner half of the golf ball. While this might produce ball flights that start right and move left, this is much closer to the proper swing plane. Your body will develop a feeling for the correct motions in the golf swing and respond accordingly.

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