Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Know About Long and Top of the Knee Shorts

Because the world of boxing has so many variations, it makes sense that you'll find a variety of equipment types when you enter a boxing gym. While boxing equipment is usually a matter of personal preference, certain schools of boxing require a certain length of shorts or trunks to be worn. Since boxing equipment trends change, there's no telling whether shorts that graze the knee or shorts that graze the shin will be the most worn during any given year.
Boxing Types
The type of trunks that are worn for boxing often have to do with the fighting style in which the boxer practices. For instance, mainstream boxing has no requirements when it comes to the length of shorts, so it's mostly personal preference. On the other hand, in muay Thai boxing, shorter trunks are a required part of the uniform, since Thai boxing is mostly leg-related and the legs must be seen clearly.
Top-of-the-Knee Shorts
Top-of-the-knee boxing shorts are those commonly worn by boxing champs in modern times. They were introduced around the 1980s, when Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield ruled the ring. Common satin trunks for boxing shorts were actually introduced in the 1930s, when boxing enjoyed a golden age of popularity. Neither the satin nor the length have any specific function in the ring other than to make the boxers look more appealing and often to act as a billboard for sponsors.
Long Shorts
Long boxing shorts are those that extend past the knee, anywhere from the bottom of the kneecap to the center of the shin. They aren't often worn for actual tournaments but more often for training purposes. Longer boxing shorts were more common in turn of the 20th century and aren't often seen professionally. Always check with your boxing league on the allowance of long shorts during tournaments because rules vary by region. Still, they're a personal preference and worn when the boxer chooses during training.
Choosing Trunks
As a boxer, it's wise to have a variety of different types and lengths of trunks. This gives you the most choice when you're suiting up. It makes sense to go with a longer short during the training season, especially if you train throughout the winter. Then, a satin pair of top-of-the-knee shorts ensures that you always have the right uniform for tournaments. You might need to try a few different lengths and look into league and boxing type regulations to ensure you have the right style and length of shorts. When in doubt, take a look around your boxing gym to see what's most common.

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